Educational Services of Broomfield, CO is an action-based service providing Academic and Executive Function Coaching.


Dedicated to helping students learn about themselves, improve their learning process, and demonstrate their knowledge more effectively..


To use best practices to teach, facilitate, and guide students. To empower students to discover and explore individualized tools and strategies.
  • Become proactive with personal initiative 100% 100%
  • Develop self-advocacy skills 100% 100%
  • Apply skills and strategies to create, organize, and plan 100% 100%
  • Demonstrate an understanding of being valued for who they are and what they think 100% 100%
  • Learn new behavioral strategies which work for your child 100% 100%
  • Puts you in alignment with your parenting role 100% 100%
  • Gain knowledge about your child’s executive function strengths and needs 100% 100%
  • Learn a common vocabulary to discuss what your child is working on during meetings 100% 100%

Educational Coaching?

Trained in cognitive processing, including learning disabilities

Process goals

Focus is on how to learn

Collaborative team

What Does A Tutor Do?

Focuses on a specific subject and/or content area

Works on short-term issues

Imparts knowledge to students

What Does an Academic Coach, Executive Function Coach and ADHD Coach Do?

Goes beyond basic tutoring or teaching to work comprehensively with the student, parent, and other professionals

Works on short and long-term problems and solutions

Provides multitude of strategies and approaches which works best for the individual student

Offers broad array of educational, executive function, and ADHD support services

Why Open Minds? It’s all not all about schoolwork. See our testimonials page for more, or read about one family’s experience working with Bonnie.

I have worked with Bonnie for a number of years and she always takes such great care of the clients I refer to her. Bonnie pays close attention to the information highlighted in the neuropsychological evaluations I conduct and uses this to direct an effective plan to improve executive functioning skills.  I have found that her services are necessary for many of the adolescents that I evaluate in my private practice.

Dr. John Kirk
Pediatric Neuropsychologist
Kirk Neurobehavioral Health
400 South McCaslin Blvd., Suite 212
Louisville, Colorado 80027

I was a Boulder Valley School District 11th grade student who was juggling challenging classes and extracurricular activities. This caused quite a bit of anxiety and I found that my organizational skills needed improvement so that I could manage my assignments, keep my grades up, and turn my work in on time. I worked with Bonnie for several months to develop a personalized system that worked for me. Bonnie was always patient, supportive, and collaborative. We worked together so that I could, over time, do all of the planning on my own with just brief check-ins by Bonnie. This worked out really well because I was able to do my work with much less anxiety and my grades improved dramatically. I highly recommend Bonnie if you are looking to develop skills that will make you more successful in not only high school or college, but in life!


​As someone I thoroughly enjoy working with, Bonnie continually impresses me with her level of professionalism, her natural ability to build trust and rapport with the students and families she works with, and her vast knowledge and skill set in special education to positively impact each student she works with. Bonnie’s collaborative spirit speaks to her strength of passion for providing appropriate coaching in the specific areas needed for each of her clients. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to network with and learn from this amazing professional!

Terese Roob
Growing Genius LLC


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