Academic Coaching:

  • Academic Coaching is an on-going partnership between the student and the coach to improve skills and performance through personalized and regularly scheduled meetings
  • The process included identifying what is interfering with learning and productivity, discussion, and identifying and implementing skills and strategies which work for each individual student

Executive Function Coaching:

  • Executive Function Coacahing is a specific type of Academic Coaching, which is an integral part of academic coaching
  • Students learn their own executive function strengths and needs, learn how to use their strengths, and learn new skills and strategies to help compensate for their weaknesses
  • Students learn how to think about their thinking (metacognition) and how to be active learners and self-advocates

Components of Academic Coaching:

  • Setting academic, behavioral, and life goals and identifying steps to meet those goals
  • Strenthening and practicing of self-advocacy skills
  • Taking ownership of academic success
  • Building organizational skills using student preferred methos
  • Creating strategies for planning ahead and planning backward
  • Making more efficient use of time
  • Improving homework management
  • Organizing and managing long term projects, assignments, essays, and research papers
  • Using effective note-taking techniques
  • Learning and applying efficient study strategies
  • Organizing ideas for various types of writing and improve written expression
  • Learning and implementing compensatory strategies for any executive function weakness
  • Increasing reading comprehension through active reading strategies
  • Improving handwriting skills
  • Learning and implementing appropriate coping strategies
  • Monitoring and modifying behavior


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