Academic Coaching and Executive Function Coaching for High School Students

  • As the demands of school increase, students must develop new skills and strategies to help them succeed
  • Students learn how to become active learners and self-advocates
  • Students learn abot their executive function strenghts and weaknesses
  • Students learn new strategies to become more efficient with school work and homework
  • Reading comprehension and written expression may be worked on in the context of homework or separately
  • Students set goals and develop a plan to meet their goals
  • Coaching is based on student priorities, their work and timelines
  • Meetings are once or twice per week
  • The degree of parent involvement is dependent upon the needs of the student

Students learn tools and strategies to become efficient and independent with:

  • Organization
  • Planning
  • Time management
  • Long term assignments
  • Research papers and essays
  • Study strategies

School Meetings

Clients may request that Open Minds prepare for and attend a school meeting with them to help bridge the gap between teacher language and parent understanding, to offer support to parents. We are not legal advocates, and do not act as such at meetings.

  • Do you have a diagnosis of ADHD, Learning Disability, Anxiety, OCD, NVLD, or Executive Function Disorder?
  • Support, education, and strategies provided to help with management at home, school and work.


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