Open Minds Educational Services is an action based service providing Academic Coaching and Executive Function Coaching dedicated to:

  • Helping students learn about themselves
  • Improve their learning process
  • Demonstrate their knowledge more effectively by:
    • Learning to set goals
    • Problem-solve
    • Make decisions
    • Take initiative
    • Progress monitor
    • Evaluate their results

Everyone employed by Open Minds Educational Services is an experienced educator who:

  • Uses best practices to teach, facilitate, and guide students
  • Empowers students to discover and explore individualized tools and strategies
  • Focuses on the whole child
  • Determines which executive functions are interfering with  learning and/or demonstrating knowledge for each student
  • Understands the connections and interactions between knowledge, behaviors, and self-concept


Please feel free to reach out to Open Minds Educational Services via the contact form below. You may also send Bonnie Leaf an email, or give her a call today.